Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lawsuit Filed To Stop The National Park Service From Killing Deer In Rock Creek Park

Today we filed a lawsuit on behalf of local D.C. residents and In Defense of Animals to stop the National Park Service (NPS) from killing white-tailed deer in Rock Creek Park this winter. 

Our complaint alleges that in choosing to kill native wildlife for the first time since the Park was established in 1890 NPS is violating the law that created the Park, which requires NPS to preserve wildlife in “its natural condition, as nearly as possible.”  Because there are less drastic ways to control the deer population, including fencing and contraception – successfully used to control wildlife populations in several other areas in the country, such as Fire Island National Seashore in New York –   NPS has failed to carry out its statutory mandate. 

The plaintiffs further allege that the Park Service failed to consider how luring hundreds of deer to bait stations at night to be shot by guns and arrows will impair the overall character of the Park as an oasis of serenity and peace in the middle of our nation’s capital, in violation of the National Environmental Policy Act.

Follow the links for our complaint and a press release.